The F16s turn 5!


king’s dream

We have dedicated the last five years of our lives to writing, composing, releasing and touring our music made with the passion, love and heart that every one of us endures.

Will you share this dream with us? Only here you are always welcome, together with casino test you have no equal!

We don’t have a plan B.
We live and breathe plan A.

From recording demos in a tiny room with borrowed guitars and a microphone swung over a ceiling fan, to recording an EP in Brooklyn and getting our debut album mastered at Abbey Road Studios in the UK – our evolution hasn’t been easy or cheap.

We hope you share the same fire we have to constantly create. We need all the help we can get from you to help us keep doing what we do best, making music.
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money buys
you happiness

The elephant in the room. One of the greatest challenges we face as musicians is the investment needed to turn our dreams into a breathable reality. Art takes time, space, equipment, resources and an adequate amount of money to turn it into a serious endeavour.

We need your support, ’cause we’re just getting started. Click below to fund our upcoming projects.


you’re all i need,
i’m begging you, please